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Why with us?

The Modus Health Card is a health tourism project that includes a network of public and private health institutions and companies associated with human health that will provide its services to Croatian citizens and tourists who will come to Croatia.
We have signed several contracts with foreign agencies specializing in medical and health tourism through which we will provide their users with treatment and rehabilitation in the Republic of Croatia.

MODUS HEALTH CARD – models of cooperation


In the basic model of cooperation defined by the basic contract for the purchase of the license partner I determine the permanent discount on cash and card payment for the end user of the sales network Modus Health Card. It is possible to exclude certain services from the offer that already have a discount, but it should be clearly stated when negotiating the cooperation


Modus International grupa d.o.o. at a specially defined sales price to the partner Modus Health Card. The card is designed and printed according to the requirements of the partner, but must have the printed “Powered by Modus Health Card” on the margin. Through this model, the partner can develop their own loyalty program without additional costs for the support and monitoring system because it is being used by Modus International Group d.o.o. for the entire duration of the contractual obligation. The Partner decides independently whether the card will be sold or incorporated into the service as a promotional tool, thereby adding value to its service by enabling the customer to gain benefits in the entire Modus Health Card network.


All models by signing contractual obligations include free advertising of our partners through our marketing channels (newsletter, social networks, youtube channel).
* Partners Modus International Group d.o.o. have the option of contracting additional services: consulting, strategic planning, market development and monitoring, marketing (setting up, implementing and marketing strategies, conducting and monitoring marketing activities with a particular focus on digital marketing)


Modus Heath card  application allows significant discounts to our health-related partners (polyclinics, dentists, pharmacies and other healthcare facilities). For more details, see Modus Health card’s profiles.

The price of the annual membership fee is 50 EUR.

  1. Get a free “modus health card” app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. On the mobile app, select the option “activate or buy a card” and enter your personal information
  3. Enter the activation code
  4. Accept terms of use
  5. Press “Login”