• Policlinic saint Rok
    Magnetic resonance imaging in the open magnet, one segment – 100 EUR instead 215 EUR
  • Policlinic saint Rok
    General Medical examination–100 EUR instead of 200 EUR
  • Information Field – TimeWaver
    Complete body analysis – 60 EUR instead of 60 EUR
  • Etela Medical Center
    Physical Therapy Cycle – 200 EUR instead of 470 EUR
  • Visodent
    Aesthetic crowns are made of zircons or ceramics, which are fully biocompatible. They do not contain metal in their structure, which is why they have optical properties as well as natural tooth. It is possible to incorporate them into natural teeth or implants.

    The sedation procedure is performed by a licensed expert, Nikola Petričević, dr.med.dent. dental prosthetics specialist.

    Value 515 EUR


  • Optics Minus – Plus

50% discount on all dioptric frames and 20% off on lenses