In the MODUS Web Shop you can pay in the following ways:

• General Payments / Payments – this payment method implies a cash payment to a post or bank, as well as payment to a giro account of Modus International Group d.o.o. through internet banking.
If on your mail address you have not received payment information, to review SPAM or call 01 6314 044 to check order status.

• Credit Cards – Visa, Master Card, American Express
*** It is not possible to pay in installments, we do not accept Diners credit cards.
When selecting a payment with a general payer, the Buyer receives an email address that he has entered in his order all the information necessary to make the payment, while the Paying Payer automatically takes you to secure and secure SSL pages where you enter the required data from your credit card .

Customer Cash Receipt implies a received payment to the giro account of Modus International Group d.o.o. or authorization of Customer credit card authorization. Cash Receipt on the Modus International Group d.o.o. is visible the next working day, ie within 24 hours from the moment of payment. Payments made by Buyer on Fridays are most commonly visible on Monday and are produced within 10 business days sending by By Croatian Post d.d.